Let Us Help You Secure That Job


When a Job Seeker walks into our office,
– We first organize a pseudo interview/test to understand your needs, then register you as a candidate for employment services;
– We then analyze your CV to determine if a CV rewrite/upgrade is necessary or not.  If a CV upgrade is necessary, you pay and we deliver the finished product to your email within 48 hours;
– We connect you with our vast database of Job Owners, and prepare you for your interview;
– On the job coaching and training is available to all members of the JET Agency, to keep you as we have a higher percent retainership of candidates in any firm we recruit for.

Registration is now free and based on a well made CV by the JET Team!

CV Upgrades cost N3000 for fresh Graduates/Interns.

CV Rewrites, for Mid/Highly experienced candidates, cost N5000 (also known as career climber CVs)