Who Are We?

WELCOME To a place where champions are made, welcome to a recruitment firm with a passion for excellence, welcome to the incubator of future leaders, we are JET Recruitment Professionals!


At JET Recruitment Professionals, we aim at producing the right talent for the best offered opportunities.  With a cumulative wealth of experience spanning over thirty (30) years; premium value delivery and satisfied clients’ testimonials has become our culture.  We have become excellent professionals at sourcing for both mid-level and entry level job positions for small-scale and growing businesses. We have a huge and growing data-base of trained front-desk, customer care and sales/marketing staffs, with a track record of producing results!

We are the job seekers hope of becoming a job owners delight, because it is our:


  • To be a leader in discovering, developing & deploying executive talents to Africa, improving the employability quotient of the Nigerian Youth.


  • Discovering the ideal talents to match career opportunities, with an enabling platform for high performance.


  • Resourcefulness, Accountability and Professionalism.

As a change agent, we seek to improve the rate at which registered job seekers gain employment. Hence, we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, most members of our management team are certified Associates of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM)  or undergoing training; we partner with change agents like GEMSTONE and POISE Nigeria.

Employability seminars, Job Fairs, CV Upgrade and Interview Readiness Training are ways we achieve our re-brand of unemployable job seekers, ensuring every job owner is pleased by our staffing needs.

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